Second time around

As this was our second visit, we felt much more relaxed when entering, as we half new what to expect and it was no longer a new experience for us. Although told, the week before, that if the weather was hot it is usually much busier. The weather was very hot, however it seemed to be the opposite. However this came to our advantage as it allowed us to ask Geoff* questions related to his leadership style, which he was more then willing to comply to our questions. The questions asked allowed us to gain wider knowledge on how the organisation was ran, enabling us to conduct a more detailed assignment.

The room was the same layout as the first time and the system was followed the same. However, there was many more volunteers then the first time. This again came to out advantage as it allowed us to informally interview more people, revolving their relationship with Geoff*. All of the volunteers were more then happy to answer out questions and were really friendly, asking us if there is anything else we want to know on repeated occasions. As there were more volunteers but less clients, it meant that there was less tasks for myself and Natasha to participate in, however due to the participation on the previous visits we were aware of how everything was ran.

It was clear that the second ethnography was more successful within respect to the discussion surrounding the relationships of those involved in the organisation. Everyone we spoke to was very friendly and made us feel welcomed. They were also interested in myself and Natasha, asking us questions to get to know us better, this was polite of them and made us feel less of a burden. 


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