UK Poverty

Although the poverty level in the UK has steadily for the past 25 years, it is still an issue within Britain and one that needs as much support as it can get. It is believed, that if no action is made surrounding this issue it will begin to progress for the worse, with 23% of children to be seen as living in poverty by 2020/2021. Many people do not believe that those within employment are effected by poverty, however statistics from Joseph Rowntree Foundation state that half of the people in poverty are live in a working household. It is apparent that poverty is a large issue within the UK and is currently effects many people, with the largest group of poverty are families with children, followed by single parent families. With so many people effected by poverty it is currently costing the UK economy a lot of money, with child poverty alone costing £29 billion a year.

With the poverty being an issue within the UK at current, many charitable organisations aim to help solve the problem. One of the most helpful sources for people in poverty are food banks. Food banks allow those who are suffering financially, to receive food for themselves and their family. This service can be seen as caring and very helpful, it highlights that others are looking out for their community and the people in it, ensuring no one is going hungry. One of the main food bank organisations in the UK is Trussel Trust, currently operating 424 food banks. Within the financial year or 2015-2016, Trussel Trust gave a three day emergency food supply to 1,109,309 people, highlighting that many people are in need for the basic nutrition across the UK.

In order for people to receive access to the services of the food bank they must receive a voucher from a professional, including a doctor or a social worker, with 39,201 professionals giving out vouchers in 2015-2016. Food banks provide the staple food, including soup, cereal and milk. Below is a list of food the food bank myself and Natasha conducted our mini-ethnography.

However, Trussel Trust believes that those in poverty are not just in need for food, providing other services they believe the public need. The Fallowfield/Withington food bank provide a more personal service, allowing those who use the food bank to talk to the different issues they have in their lives at present. With the clients able to speak to people, it promotes them to leave the service with a more positive energy.


One thought on “UK Poverty

  1. vicmorris says:

    For when you develop these posts into your ethnography, I think it is important to establish a working definition of poverty. The other thing is that you might want to briefly touch on the reasons why it has become/is likely to become such an issue.


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