This is a contract between the parties of, Chelsey Gledhill and Natasha Cain, regarding the joint mini-ethnography assignment. Producing this contract will ensure that all work is shared evenly across both parties and it will be reviewed if it is failed by either participant. The contract will ensure the assignment process is successfully completed.

  1. All work to be shared evenly

1.1. Both parties will have an equal amount of tasks to complete, which                                              require an equal amount of effort.

1.2. To discuss any problems, between each other, that involves any tasks,                                         rather than expect the other party to complete alone.

1.3. Both parties to attend the chosen organisation, either together or an                                            equal amount of times.

1.4 A total of three blog posts must be completed by each person, all posts to be different           and discussion will be made regarding what will be said in the posts.

  1. Decision making to be equal.

2.1. Both parties to fully agree upon the choice of organisation,

2.2. As we live together, communication should come at an ease, however, if                                     commitments are elsewhere, communication will be through WhatsApp.

2.3. To be truthful to each other about any concerns we have with each                                                 other’s work and for all concerns to be listened to and acted upon.

2.4. For both parties to decide as a team what information is most important                                     and relevant to include in the assignment.

  1. Submission

3.1. Both parties must agree to all content included within the final                                                      assignment.

3.2. For both parties to separately proof read the final assignment and make                                     any changes to mistakes found.

3.3. Consult each other regarding the changes made.

  1. Penalties

4.1. Penalties seem like a serious action, something we are not willing to                                             use towards each other, however, if one party breaks the contracts then a                                   mature discussion will take place between those involved within the                                             contract, expressing our concerns.

4.2. If action mentioned in 4.1 still does not make a positive impact then a                                         review of the contract will be made and one has the permission to remove                                 themselves from the team.


Chelsey Gledhill

Natasha Cain


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