To study or to drink?


‘To study or to drink?’ is the question most students ask themselves. Although they may have high masses amount of work to do the temptation of drinking is to easy (I know this from own experiences) however whether you give into temptation is the tricky decision. After developing quite a long conversation with a first year student who attends Manchester Metropolitan University, it is clear I was not the only person surrounded by this temptation. The conversation first developed by him informing us that he was nervous to begin university at first, however excitement soon overruled that when he arrived. His social life seems to be brilliant and he has MMU to thank for that as at the beginning of the term the union set up a string of events in relation to ‘freshers week‘, this is where he met a lot of people and some friends that he sticks with now. He also explained that he lives in Cambridge Halls (student halls of MMU) and he gets along very well with all of his flat-mates, making his whole socialisation process into the university a much more positive one. As well as the union and his halls, he also met friends when joining the skiing society at the ‘freshers fair’, with the society he has gone on a bar crawl which again promotes social circle (doesn’t seem like much skiing is going to happen in that society). An aspect of socialisation for the interviewee was his loan, he explained that when receiving all this he got excited and soon blown it all on alcohol, clothes and takeaways (student essentials, of course), with no job this has resulted in him becoming poor again very fast. However his lack of money does not stop him going out, especially when some clubs are 99p drinks! Overall, the interviewee is content with his university life so far, apart from the work load, however no work no play!


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