Future thinking…


I found the first few question relatively easy, such as my work experience. However the further down I got the more I had to think. The question; ‘describe the job you see yourself performing fifteen years after you graduate’ struck me a little as I have never thought to myself what I would like to be doing at this time. Although I have answered to what I see myself doing in fifteen years in my current situation, this could change around the time I reach these future years, for many reasons such as, teaching just not being for me or I am ready for a new career path. The second question that I found myself thinking about is; ‘explain why I should give you the job/career you described’, although this is the career path I am wanting to pursue in I have never had to explain why I want this job and what assets I can bring. This made me question if I am the right person for the job.The questions around organisational definitions is something that I touched on during my time at sixth form, so I found these moderately easy, however while studying business at A-level it come to a surprised of myself using these terms within a social care degree.

I enjoyed completing this questionnaire as it made me think about things that I have not yet come to think about. These thoughts have benefited me when thinking about my future career, as it made me question to whether is it the career path I want to go down and whether I already have some skills to bring to the table. This may seem as a negative attitude towards my future but we all need to start thinking and analysing at some point don’t we?


One thought on “Future thinking…

  1. Sharley Potter says:

    I have known Miss Gledhill for several years. Her ambition to achieve is obvious from our first meetings together. She’s a confident individual whom is driven by future goals, she thrives from a new challenge and is always looking to better herself. Since a very young age she has been employment driven and not been out of employment since she has been 13 years old. This just shows her passion for work and drive for a new challenge. Aswell as employment, Chelsey excels socially within her group of friends and it would not be uncommon for her to be the ring leader or sole organiser ensuring that whatever the activity everyone’s involved and that it’s well organised. As a whole Chelsey is motivated, organised and a task delegating individual. keeping hold of these characteristics will ensure that she fulfils any future task that is produced to her to a high standard.


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