How can I know what I think until I see what I say?


It was coming to the end of the first year in sixth form and everyone was discussing about applying for university, this thrown me back as I hadn’t give it much thought. I went home from sixth form that day and started searching different University courses to try and find the one for me, however none jumped out at me. I went and spoke to my Dad to see if he could give me any sense of direction, this is when he mentioned social work. I never thought of social work as a degree, merely just a job. I went on and pursued greater research into this course and believed that this was the course for me. After a long application process, including completing the dreaded personal statement, I applied for four different universities for the course of social work, Manchester being my first choice. Following of several interview processes with different Universities, I still heard nothing from Manchester Metropolitan University. So I chased them up to try and see what stage they were at with my application, which they then informed me that unfortunately my application was unsuccessful, however they would offer my a place on the course social care. I was devastated. Although three other universities got back to me offering me the position of social work Manchester was where my heart was set, simply because I love the city. I researched repeatedly into the course social care and what it had to offer me. Phone calls, emails and a long history of social care degree at Manchester Metropolitan University on my internet browser I decided to accept the offer from MMU. It wasn’t until I began the course I realised that the social care degree was more suited for me, as now I couldn’t think of anything worse than becoming a social worker due to the negativity and draining emotions it brings. Although I did not see it at the time, getting turned down from my initial offer was actually a blessing in disguise and now I have a completely different career path in mind, one that I believe is so much more for me. I am a big believer of ‘everything happens for a reason’ and I believe that I am here today, studying this pacific course for the reason of my opening choice being the completely wrong one!

I used to walk past the counters in supermarkets and look at the people behind them and think ‘you would never see me in a hat and hair net’, now I am one of them people! I have had a fair few jobs, from being a receptionist, in what I must say, one of the worst ran holiday camps in the North (not to put you off, or anything), to a support worker for disabled. However now I am a counter assistant at Sainsbury’s and believe it or not, I love it (until they try and train me on fresh meat and fish, that is just a no go). Who would have thought that slicing meat and freshly preparing pizza could be so fun? Even in an awful outfit! I began the job as a Christmas temp late 2015 and I have just recently signed a full contract, it is just a source of income for me but I enjoy earning my income.

Interview with former employee of Manchester Metropolitan University

We were asked (in groups) to ask a former employee of MMU a couple of questions about how they got to working for the organisation and what different paths they took to get to where they were today. The first question we asked was: “What were the crucial decisions or turning points in your life?”, the response we received following of the question, to some extent, shocked myself. You would think that lecturers overall aim was to be a lecture and they followed the teaching path until they reached working at a University, however the person we interviewed was a craft worker before she began at MMU. Her decision to begin full time at the university merely began when she started doing the off job here and there. It then came to her understanding that this is the path she wanted to follow, so she began her university journey. You could see this as a crucial decision however, the lady believed it was all about different opportunities and making full use of them, demonstrating that she could be seen as a free spirit.  Having said this, her aim from the beginning was to ‘change the world’, working for the university is a step towards this as she is developing the skills and knowledge of others for them to demonstrate their learning to others. The second question asked was; “To what extent were you aware of your final destination when you were making those crucial decisions?”. The person in question, did not have a specific answer for this as she is still unaware of her final destination is, going on to say that she does not believe that there is a final destination as you merely move forward and extend on to different opportunities. The similarities of the response that was given to Weicks sense making theory, is that it is a continuation progress, only making sense of a situation until after it has taking place, allowing yourself to reflect back. The interviewee explained that after she started working at MMU is when she realised that this job was perfect for her, however before the opportunity arose she did not think a university setting would suit her so well. This is demonstrated through the job she previously has. How does craft making then influence you to become a lecturer? It doesn’t! Within Weicks seven properties of sense making; identity construction, retrospective, enactment, social, continuation, extracted cues and plausibility not accuracy; it is demonstrated that others act first and reflect later.









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