A death in Runnymede care home


At the beginning of the case study it explains that the care home follows a bureaucratic level of management, however after reading the investigation it is soon clear that this is not the case. The management style that resembles what is used within the care home the most is, Fredrick Taylor’s scientific management, as a pattern of systemic soldering is shown. This scientific management style also abbreviates on the point of a failed business resulting down to the management not communicating effectively and also not following a successful system. With there being a file of paperwork that never gets viewed by the manager as she is reliant on the secretary, highlights the lack of communication within Runnymede Care Home.

Fredrick Taylors scientific management follows guided steps to successful communication, these involve; examine the job, determined the best way for the job to be completed, assign the correct person for the job and then train them fully in order for the job to be completed to the best ability. Although these steps were briefly followed by the manager at Runnymede, the outcome of the task was not fully completed due to the lack of communication through the manager, secretary and contractors who were seeing to the heating issue. Within Runnymede there was a weakness of solidarity and expression of voice from the workers, as the secretary explained she cannot inform the manager with issues as it backfires on herself. In return the manager will then treat her with disrespect. This is another topic that the scientific management style touches on. This management style relies on the managers being the only power and their views and orders are set in stone, creating a barrier between the managers and the employees as they are reluctant to voice their opinions. Unfortunately this can create more serious issues within the organisation, as an employee may pick up on the risk but the managers do not accept the over ruling of their view. This has been demonstrated through a death within Runnymede care home.

Although it may not be seen as intentional, however, the cause of James’  death could have been prevented with effective communication from the management. Prior to this, Jill should be held, some what, responsible for the death of James. Jill should have made all heating supplies and other necessities were seen to and all up to date on a regular basis.  The organisation structure of Fredrick Taylors scientific management, would have contributed to the death. This is due to the management being dismissal towards the voice of the employees. If the voice of the employees were listened to on previous occasions about any problems within the care home then they would then not be afraid to express their views, then the unfortunate event may not have occurred at this time. However, unaware of the feelings of the staff, Jill could argue that she was not told of any issues regarding the heating and she believed that all supplies were up to date according to her knowledge as this was something she thought her secretary was dealing with.

In order for Runnymede to avoid  similar issues reoccurring in the future a change in the management style is recommended. The management style that may work better within the care home is, Weber and Foyle’s bureaucratic theory, this is because there is still a hierarchy or authority, which is needed for structure, as well as people being assigned to job roles due to their competencies. Following these steps will allow the employees to know their position within the care home. However, to make sure the relationship between the management and employees stay well connected, human relations should also be integrated within the bureaucratic theory as this will create a more relaxed environment within the workplace. Especially, when it comes to the employees wanting to voice their own opinions towards issues that need to be dealt with or haven’t been dealt with thoroughly enough. With both of these management theories integrating it will allow the communication within the organisation to become more effective and stronger, allowing everybody to feel at ease whilst communicating. However, due to the hierarchy of authority, a competitiveness of power will not appear within the workers as everyone will be aware of their job roles. Also, the hierarchy will allow everyone to know what objectives are to be accomplished by each individual. This way, all work will be completed as there should be an employee that covers every aspect and need of Runnymede care home.


One thought on “A death in Runnymede care home

  1. vicmorris says:

    Using the question prompts you show your understanding of the different theories and whether they were employed effectively or not. I agree with your suggestions for future practice. At times your sentence structure and the words you use are confused. Please have a read through to see if you can simplify.


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