Online profiles: Creativity vs. constraint


The idea of online profiles is to express yourself and allow others to hear the words you think, inspiration towards others often come from online profiles and individuals profiles can bring positivity to others lives. I am aware of different online profiles, from Facebook to Pinterest. Since the early days of High School I have been a member of many differen tonline profiles, some of which do not exist anymore, such as Piczo, where you created your own web page for yourself and friends to view and also Bebo, a popular online profile before the hype of Facebook risen. However both of the mentioned have now ran its course and although they were fun at the time I could not see them being a success now, due to the take over Facebook.

The main online profiles I have now are limited to just three, these being; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The one characteristic that they share is that they are used for the same reason, to share posts amongst family and friends. Facebook, for myself, is used to stay in contact with family and friends, especially now I have moved away to University, it allows me to regularly update my friends on different things I have been up to and of course, have a look at what they have been up to. Whereas Twitter to me is more celebrity focused, allowing people, who are interested in keeping up to date with their lifestyle. Regardless to celebrities, Twitter is consisted of sending tweets, so your ‘followers’ rather than ‘friends’, can keep up to date with your interests. However Instagram is solely based on pictures rather than status and tweets, like the other two. My personal favourite online profile is Instagram, this is because I like to share my pictures more than my opinions.

Across my online profiles I like to be creative and express my personality through all three, sharing my personal beliefs and opinions on certain topical issues. However due to one of my previous jobs, which was a support worker for adults with learning difficulties, I had to double think about certain pictures and posts I shared on my profiles as I did not want to display unprofessional-ism. Since starting my previous job this is always on my conscious when uploading posts, as it is now come to my attention that the majority of future jobs that I apply for will have a browse through all of my online profiles to try and discover the type of person I am when not working. Although, this is not something I need to worry too much about, your better safe than sorry aren’t you?! I am aware of people losing their jobs to some of the actions they displayed through their social media. It is around this topic where I have had to take creativity and constraint within privacy into consideration. Although my online profiles are private, privacy does not always follow its definition when social media is involved, as once it is in the eye of your ‘friend’ it is then out of your control with what they do with that information/image.

We are surrounded by the motion ‘be who you want to be, not who someone else wants you to be’ and expressing your personality is something that should be key to yourself, however this is not always the case in all environments, such as work and University. Although my overall personality stays the same with my friends, work and University, certain traits will differ in each area. With my friends and family I can completely be myself and express myself in the way I feel most relaxed being the way I dress and the way I act, however although this is not a dramatic difference within University I do act in more a professional manor around my peers as I find myself more preserved. Again, within work, my personality comes across more constraint as I am dealing with different members of the public and I have to preserve myself to allow them to receive the best customer service. However when I am in the three different environments, I do not think about the change of myself, it just happens naturally. A bit like when you answer a phone to someone you do not know, your voice changes without thinking about it!

At University my self-presentation is much more creative, allowing me to dress how I like. That is one of the benefits of University, it is full of such a diverse range of people, no one is there too judge you on your appearance or snigger to their friends about what I am wearing. However there are still a few constraints within this area, as I would personally not dress for University like I would on a night out (maybe the sniggering will happen then) I much prefer to choose the comfier option. In work self-presentation this is not an option as it requires a uniform, however I always make sure my hair is neat and tidy and my uniform is always clean.

When looking at creativity and constraint of yourself within different organisation environments, by acknowledging that you need to change your appearance, both physically and mentally. I believe that you are reaching the ‘esteem’ level on Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. This is because whilst dressing in a respectful manor in the correct environment, you are going to gain respect from your peers and others around you. This respect will then build up your confidence. Once you know you are correctly dressed for the situation you will begin to feel much more comfortable within your surroundings, following of all of this it will leave you a sense of belonging.


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