It is the organisations responsibility to allow their employees to follow their chosen religious beliefs. If the organisation goes against this and disallows their employees to follow their religion then it will be a breach of the Equality Act 2010. In order for the employees of the organisation to feel relaxed about following their religion while in work, a comfortable environment should be formed.

However it is the employees responsibility to make sure that there religious rituals do not interfere with their work, for example if they need to pray this should be during their break not in the time they are following out work commitments.

Accommodating, tolerating and encouraging religious differences all promote the same view of allowing people of different religions to be a part of the same team, however they are all at different levels. Accommodating religious differences is when different practices are put in place in order to help others follow their beliefs. Tolerating religious differences means that you accept the religious differences however you may not be willing to help them follow through with it. While encouraging religious differences means that you have a positive view on the differences and will help and influence the differences to take place.

I personally, do not follow any religious beliefs and is open minded to the different religions that others choose to follow. Due to this, I have not to date, come into conflict over religion and also have not witnessed any of the sort. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and should not be put in a position where they feel their beliefs are not being respected, as this is not only disrespectful but I also believe it is unethical. Others religions and values do not affect myself and other people’s lives so I don’t believe that others should try and affect theirs.

The lecturer should be understanding of the pastors daughters beliefs, however the lecturer will need to explain that in order to gain a deeper understanding of the course, the book, ‘Bitches, Bimbos and Ballbreakers’, will need to be read. There are many different ways for the book to be ordered which is not in public view, for example order from online. It is then the choice of the pastor’s daughter for whether she will follow the essential reading or not, this will be the first of many obstacles that her religion may cause throughout her life.  The trade-offs between validating individual belief systems and standing up for the values of a more secular and critical approach to education is difficult as people do not want to go against their religious beliefs. However, there will be nothing within the approach to education that will extremely disrespect religious beliefs. If there is something that goes against religious beliefs then it is the choice of the student whether or not they choose to follow the approach or not.

If a problem like the one addressed previously, occurred during my experience at an organisation I would try my best to overcome the issue before it grows worse and the situation starts to affect people’s feelings. One of the ways I would try to overcome the issue is to select another employee to complete the task that has caused the religious barrier, however if this is not possible then I will make adjustments to the task in order for it to be suitable for them to accomplish. On the other hand, if the task was within the contract and the employers knew that they would have to complete it at some point within their employment I would have to speak to the employee and explain you were aware of the contracted rules before taking the job on. An example of how an issue like this may occur within a non-educational organisation may be involving a Muslim having to handle a pork based product. This will go against a religious requirement and I will be understandable towards the raised issue, moving the task to someone who does not follow the religion. However if this task appeared regularly within the job role then together, myself and the employee would have to come up with a mutual agreement on what was best next step to take, such as moving them to another department.


One thought on “Globalistion

  1. vicmorris says:

    I enjoyed reading this discussion.. Overall, it strikes me as well balanced and well thought out. just to note that you have used ‘effect’ instead of ‘affect’ in 3rd paragraph. I think you captured the essence of the pastor’s daughter discussion when you said that the book should be read so that the student can have a deeper understanding of the course. This does not mean that she has to adopt the views, just tolerate them.


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